The History of The CALLERLAB Foundation

During the late 1980’s several square dance leaders recognized the need for an organization which would have as it’s goal the preservation and promotion of square dancing. In June 1990 an organizational meeting was held in Memphis, Tennessee. Present at that meeting were 15 dedicated and respected callers. As a result of that meeting, The Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing was formed in 1992. The Foundation was incorporated in Georgia and is an Internal Revenue Service 501 (c) (3) corporation.

The Foundation is governed by a 25 member Board Of Directors from which five Executive Directors are elected. The Home Office of The Foundation co-exists with the CALLERLAB office. The CALLERLAB Home Office staff, provides administrative support to The Foundation. The Foundation Board meets once a year at the annual CALLERLAB convention. The Foundation Executive Directors meet two additional times during the year.

The Foundation hosts a planning meeting during the CALLERLAB convention. Other national dance leaders are invited to attend this planning meeting. Additional meeting are being planned to discuss ongoing marketing and promotion ideas.

The Foundation was instrumental in creating and implementing a long range marketing plan known as The Phoenix Plan. The goal of this marketing plan and all the efforts of The Foundation is to increase the number of dancers involved with all the related dance activities. Most recently, The Foundation has been instrumental in proposing, planning, and organizing an alliance of related dance organizations.

This alliance has become known at The Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square Dance (The ARTS). The Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square Dance (the ARTS) is a collective term that will be used to describe the diverse groups that make up the ‘greater’ dance community. Such a coalition will offer all dance organizations a chance for affiliation on a balanced and representative basis. An alliance concept like the ARTS will allow for more effective marketing, public relations and corporate sponsorship programs, without diminishing any of the autonomy or unique qualities and programs of any individual affiliate member.