Jerry Story Memorial Scholarship Fund


Purpose of Fund: This scholarship fund is established in the memory of Jerry Story.

Fund Disbursements: Scholarships shall be awarded based on the following priorities: Calling experience, previous training, need, and intentions.

Tax deductible Donations and Contributions can be made via:

1. Mailed Check
Jerry Story Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o CALLERLAB Foundation
200 SW 30th St., Suite 104
Topeka, KS 66611
*Please make checks out to CALLERLAB Foundation and note Jerry Story Memorial Scholarship Fund in the memo.

2. Paypal
Click the donate button below.
*Please note Jerry Story Memorial Scholarship Fund in the optional notes section.

3.Credit Card
Contact Us to make a donation by credit card over the phone.

Any caller or aspiring caller may apply.

No award shall exceed $250.

The award may be used for school tuition or travel expenses.

In the event that a husband/wife or other ―team‖ of callers, both of whom are paying for the caller school, should apply, any award given the ―team‖ shall not exceed $500 in total.

The school to be attended must include at least one CALLERLAB Accredited Caller-Coach on the staff and the school must offer either 1) the full 40 hours CALLERLAB Caller School Curriculum, or 2) be a 40 hour school focused on specific topics within the Curriculum. In addition, the school must include both Modular and Relationship Calling. Minimums will be waived in order for the applicant to apply for funds for the annual GSI/NSDC Callers School.

Applicants must complete the enclosed application form in its present or later amended form. Applications will be accepted at the CALLERLAB Home Office prior to the start of the school to be attended. Applications received after the school will not be considered.

Each applicant must submit a written essay. This essay must include: 1) brief history of dancing & calling experience; 2) history of past caller training, including list of schools; 3) statement of need; 4) and a statement of intention. Those callers who have been calling less than five years and have not yet attended a caller school shall be given priority in the selection process.

No single individual shall receive more than one scholarship award from this fund. No husband/wife or other ―team‖ shall receive more than one scholarship award from this Fund, considered jointly or separately. Applications by a caller or ―team‖ who has received another scholarship through CALLERLAB or the CALLERLAB Foundation will not be considered nor approved within a 24 month period of the approved grant/scholarship.

The CALLERLAB Foundation Executive Director shall review each application and may award additional grants as deemed appropriate by the circumstances of the application.

Press Release T-Shirt Auction May 2021

Here’s your chance to own a piece of Square Dance history!

During the 2019 National Square Dance Convention some of the world’s best known callers put their autographs on five Tee shirts. Now you have the chance to own one of these unique shirts with names like Tony Oxendine, Ken Bower, Hunter Keller, Mike Seastrom, and many more.

The CALLERLAB Ways and Means committee is putting two of the Tee shirts in an online auction starting 1 May 2021.

Under normal circumstances these shirts would be sold at a live auction during the CALLERLAB convention.  This year the Ways and Means committee decided to make the opportunity to own a piece of Square Dance history available to the world-wide Square Dance community

All bids will be accepted, due to platform requirements there will be a minimum bid of $1 required. You can find the auction and place your bid here.

All money raised will go to the CALLERLAB Foundation to help support education, advertising, training, equipment, materials and more.

Thank you for supporting the CALLERLAB Foundation.

Juli Burr, Chair, Ways and Means committee

John Sloper, Vice-Chair, Way and Means committee

Press Release Universal Codicil Available September-October 2019

The CALLERLAB Foundation has developed a standard codicil for last will and testaments for those individuals involved in the square dance activity who would like to bequeath money to CALLERLAB and/or to the CALLERLAB Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing.

This codicil is written to be effective in all fifty states and in Canada. A copy of a sample codicil can be obtained by contacting the CALLERLAB Home Office. If you are interested in using this suggested codicil to your existing will or trust agreement, please be certain to obtain legal counsel.

For additional information visit our website or contact:
200 SW 30th Street, Suite 104
Topeka, KS 66611
Email –

Press Release Video Production July 15, 2019

The CALLERLAB Foundation Board of Directors has approved funding a professional video production of square dancing at the Heart of America Singles Square Dance Association (HASSDA) Convention to be held at the Kansas State Student Union Ballroom in Manhattan, KS on July 26-27, 2019. This event was chosen due to the beautiful event center, the festival atmosphere of over 300 dancers in attendance along with three youthful callers.  Sleight Advertising from Omaha, Nebraska will produce videos which will include videoing from a drone and interviews with various dancers attending.  These videos will be used to create a 30 second television commercial, a two minute website video and two non-audible media videos.

These videos will be shared with various clubs and organizations to help with recruiting new dancers and educating people on the fun and health benefits of square dancing.